About Pure Debt Solutions

Pure Debt Solutions is a full-service debt settlement company that strives to help clients overcome their debt at a fast rate. With solid experience in this line of work, it’s been our mission to not only help clients with their debilitating debt, but to also provide them with the tools to make smart, financial decisions in the future. We want our clients to have lower debt, greater wealth, and the opportunity to achieve financial freedom, which is why we provide them with the tools to discover financial solutions, services, and most importantly, financial education. Pure Debt Solutions wants to help you achieve freedom from debt, which is why--unlike many other companies--we will never charge a fee until we have completed our work thoroughly and negotiated the best possible settlement for you. Additionally, we are fully staffed with some of the most talented and compassionate management team. With a team that’s passionate about empowering people, you can rest assured that your debt resolution needs are in the right hands.

Why Choose Us?

With ample companies competing for your business, the same question always arises from potential clients: “What makes you better than the rest?”

Well, the answer is simple: At Pure Debt Solutions, our clients ALWAYS come first. From the time you call Pure Debt Solutions for a free evaluation, we provide you with full transparency on our process and what you can expect. Our company values honesty and will always provide you with the full details of our process every step of the way.

It’s our mission to free you from the restraints that your debt has placed on you, and with our comprehensive program, we do just that. Pure Debt Solutions stands out from the rest because we offer customized and flexible debt solutions that are beneficial for our client. Most importantly, we ALWAYS offer our potential clients a Free, Non-obligation Evaluation before they commit to our service. We want to make sure they have every detail in front of them before they make such an important decision.

Pure Debt Solutions’ skilled experts will work endlessly to lead our clients to the path of debt freedom. From the start, we help our clients Build their FDIC-insured Dedicated Account that they have full control over. We Negotiate with creditors to leverage a settlement that offers optimal savings. We Settle with your creditors only when an appropriate negotiation is fashioned and your approval is confirmed. Once approved, you can start your new, debt-reduced--and hopefully debt-free--life.

From start to finish - Pure Debt Solutions is on your side.

Is Pure Debt Solutions’ program right for you? Call us today at 1-800-794-4607 or, click here for your Free Evaluation.* *Estimate only. Terms and Conditions apply. Certain debts may not be settled and results may vary. Paying your debt is your obligation and entry into this program does not stop your obligation to make timely payments.